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DREAM CHASERS MENTORING Is a program designed for any man, young or old who desires the tools necessary to reach their full potential. I believe the school system has failed us! School never provided us with entrepreneurship classes, there were no classes on how to properly set goals, how to start a business or the importance of having a vision, Instead, school groomed us to be employees, rather than employers. Dream Chasers Mentoring will provide you with practical fundamental tools and also create an atmosphere that fosters motivation, self discipline, empowerment and a great learning experience. I've talked to countless people in the community who wanted to be apart of a program that can push them into their greatness and put them on a path to a better future, Well that's where DCM comes in. Please go to the contact and send me an email at along with your name, age and phone number. Or call me at

267-437-7946. I believe 2021 will be greater as long as we have a strategy! Its time to be intentional about your future!   

Coaching That Matters

Need someone to talk to? Someone with a different perspective? Allow me to help! Roger Williams Jr is a Mentor and Certified life coach who has the passion, the drive and the experience to help steer you in the right direction, whether it's relationship issues, or just some practical tools to motivate you to get to the next level in your life. Lets work together and create a vision that will manifest your greatness!  Lets talk! 267-437-7946

Success Rite Where You Are ISBN 978-0-00-000000-2

So often we go through life not fully aware of and engaged in the work of our true purpose. We define success based on bank accounts, cars and other status symbols. Success Rite Where You Are is a book designed to debunk these misconceptions and change your perspective on your life and your God-given assignment. Told through personal tales of trial and triumph and accented by Scriptural truth, Success Rite Where You Are is an inspiring, motivational and relevant tool to help you live a life full of joy and abundance.


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